Thursday, May 19, 2016

Never Ending Prayer!

My friends, you surely understand enough about law to know that laws only have power over people who are alive. For example, the Law says that a man's wife must remain his wife as long as he lives. But once her husband is dead, she is free to marry someone else. However, if she goes off with another man while her husband is still alive, she is said to be unfaithful.

That is how it is with you, my friends. You are now part of the body of Christ and are dead to the power of the Law. You are free to belong to Christ, who was raised to life so we could serve God.

Romans 7:1-4

These verses present us with some very important insights into our relationship with Jesus Christ. Before we come to Jesus we are married to this world and are obligated to obey the demands it places on us. But when we “die” to the things of this world we are then free to “marry someone else,” and that someone is Jesus!

The only thing on this earth that lasts forever is your relationship with Jesus!  It starts here and goes on throughout eternity.  Death will not end your communion with Christ because He will never die and if you belong to Jesus you also will live forever.  

When you talk to Jesus here on this earth remember, it is a conversation that will go on through Eternity. So your time here alone with Christ might be compared to those amazing “courtship” times when a couple is discovering new things about each other as they share a meal and engage in what might sound like a simple conversation! It may seem ordinary, but they both are aware that it may be the beginning of a lifetime together on this earth.

As you pray, think of Jesus as someone you are learning all about and are learning to love!  Let your heart rejoice because you and Jesus will be together forever!

“Lord Jesus, how amazing that this very conversation with You will go on for Eternity!  And forever may Your Name be praised. Amen!”

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