Sunday, March 2, 2014

Amazing Events!

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Our Lord, how long must I beg

for your help

before you listen?

How long before you save us

from all this violence?


Why do you make me watch

such terrible injustice?

Why do you allow violence,

lawlessness, crime, and cruelty

to spread everywhere?


Laws cannot be enforced;

justice is always the loser;

criminals crowd out honest people

and twist the laws around.

The Lord Answers Habakkuk


Look and be amazed

at what's happening

among the nations!

Even if you were told,

you would never believe

what's taking place now.

Habakkuk 1:2-5

One of the blessings or maybe it is a curse of being old is that you can see clearly how the world has changed over the years. But these words from Habakkuk the prophet sound like something that you might hear or even say after reading today's news.

The top news of this day is that the Russians are moving troops into the Ukraine. No one knows if this is just a temporary incursion that will not stir up further trouble in the world or the beginning of a tremendous escalation of hostilities.

But God told Habakkuk to "Look and be amazed at what's happening among the nations!" And we would be wise to do the same thing. God is still deeply involved in the life of every nation, whether or not that nation outwardly accepts God and seeks to follow Him. The movements of nations around the world are taking us toward that final day when Jesus will return. All the prophecies will be fulfilled and the purpose of God will reign triumphant over all!

When a storm comes some people want to hide their eyes and cover their heads waiting for the storm to pass. Other people want to find a "safe" place to watch the storm, see the lightning crashes and hear the thunder roar, trusting God to protect them from the storm or take them home by means of the storm. Either way they are safe with Jesus.

The display of God's power around the world today is the same. God will either protect you from it, or He will use it to take you to Glory! Either way you will be safe.

"Lord Jesus I am amazed at what is happening right now in the world. I see things happening that have never happened before. I see the world rushing toward a final conclusion even though they don't know that You are the Beginning and End of everything! May You Lord Jesus be glorified and praised today and forever more. Amen."

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