Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Wealth in Heaven

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Everyone on this earth,

now listen to what I say!

Listen, no matter who you are,

rich or poor.


I speak words of wisdom,

and my thoughts make sense.

I have in mind a mystery

that I will explain

while playing my harp.


Why should I be afraid

in times of trouble,

when I am surrounded

by vicious enemies?

They trust in their riches

and brag about

all their wealth.


You cannot buy back your life

or pay off God!

It costs far too much

to buy back your life.

You can never pay God enough

to stay alive forever

and safe from death.


We see that wise people die,

and so do stupid fools.

Then their money is left

for someone else.

Psalm 49:1-10

The economy of Heaven does not use money! With all the money on earth you cannot buy one minute in Heaven. Even if you had all the gold in the world you would only have the material to fill a few pot holes in the City of God.

So why do we put so much emphasis on the wealth of this world? If you desire to be rich on this earth you are revealing the fact that your heart is here on earth and not in Heaven. When you die and take the "Flight to Heaven" nothing goes with you. No luggage is allowed on that flight! Everything you have accumulated here on this earth stays here.

The follower of Jesus who lives in abject poverty will enter the "Gates of Glory" just like the man who was wealthy on this earth! In fact Jesus said that it is easier for a poor man to go to Heaven!

Are you spending your life trying to get things that you cannot take to Heaven, or are you "laying up treasure" in Heaven. Of course it is necessary to have "things" on this earth, but Jesus said that we should seek first "His kingdom and His righteousness" and God would see that we get the things that we need!

"Lord, may I seek You today and not the things of this world. May my heart be thrilled with the thought of the treasures of Heaven and not the treasures of this earth. And Jesus may Glory and Praise be given to You forever. Amen."

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