Friday, March 21, 2014

Your Words and Your Life

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All you angels in heaven,

honor the glory and power

of the Lord!


Honor the wonderful name

of the Lord,

and worship the Lord

most holy and glorious.


The voice of the Lord

echoes over the oceans.

The glorious Lord God

thunders above the roar

of the raging sea,

and his voice is mighty

and marvelous.

Psalms 29:1-4

Sometimes it is hard to imagine what someone looks like by simply hearing their voice. Years ago I remember meeting a radio announcer who had a deep, low and rather profound voice. If you needed someone to use their voice to pretend to be the "Voice of God" Tom would have been a good choice. But when I finally met Tom I was very surprised. He was thin, small, and short. There was nothing in his physical appearance that reminded me of God, but his voice certainly did.

Think about the fact that it was the voice of God that created the world and everything in it. God said "LET THERE BE LIGHT" and there was light! The Creative power of the voice of God still echoes through the world as men and women obey His voice and experience the Glorious Life of being filled with the Holy Spirit as they move toward Eternity.

In the world of politics there are men who speak with loud and impressive voices and their words are inspiring to say the least, but we come to find out that the man behind the voice has nothing of substance to offer. It is sad and may I even say pathetic to see a man whose life doesn't match his rhetoric.

Consider yourself. Have you learned to "say the right words" about Jesus but your life isn't consistent with the words you speak? Following Jesus is not just speaking the right words. An actor can learn to speak the words of another man, but that does not mean that he becomes the one he imitates.

Following Jesus is not simply speaking His Words and imitating His life. When you truly follow Jesus He transforms you into His image, so that you become like Him in every way!

"Lord Jesus, help me not to be someone who is simply pretending to be Your follower. Show me today anything in my heart that needs to change and give me the strength to repent. Lord I want to speak Your Words from a heart that has been changed into Your likeness. May Glory and Honor be Yours forever. Amen."

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