Saturday, March 1, 2014

Long Live the King!

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“One of David's descendants

will always be king,

and his family will rule

until the sky disappears.


Suppose some of his children

should reject my Law

and refuse my instructions.


Or suppose they should disobey

all of my teachings.


Then I will correct

and punish them

because of their sins.


But I will always love David

and faithfully keep all

of my promises to him.


“I won't break my agreement

or go back on my word.


I have sworn once and for all

by my own holy name,

and I won't lie to David.


His family will always rule.

I will let his kingdom last

as long as the sun and moon

appear in the sky.”

Psalm 89:29-37

Jesus was the descendant of David who will always be King! Jesus is not a President who has "limited power." Jesus is truly the King of all the earth. Although Satan and his demons oppose Jesus they have not and will not defeat the King of kings and Lord of lords!

We have lifted high the concept of a democracy on this earth. And don't misunderstand, a country that allows its people the freedom to chose how they live and how they work is a great thing. But the Kingdom of God is not a democracy. Jesus is not "one branch" of limited government. When you become a citizen of Heaven and submit yourself to the rule of Jesus Christ there is only one vote in making decisions for your life, and that vote is the one cast by Jesus Himself.

It is a serious matter when we try to make God's Kingdom a democracy. We want to say that it doesn't matter how you interpret the Scriptures, and take very lightly the direct Word of God about many matters of this life! There are things that God says are sin and we say are lifestyle issues! God has not changed, but we have changed and somehow expect God to honor our violating or ignoring altogether His Word! It is like declaring that the law of gravity no longer applies and then jumping off of a cliff!

"Lord Jesus, I thank you that you are indeed Lord and not President. I praise You that You rule as King! Long live the King! May the King live forever! Amen."

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