Sunday, March 9, 2014

Greatest Man Ever Born!

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After John's messengers had gone, Jesus began speaking to the crowds about John:

What kind of person did you go out to the desert to see? Was he like tall grass blown about by the wind?  What kind of man did you really go out to see? Was he someone dressed in fine clothes? People who wear expensive clothes and live in luxury are in the king's palace.  What then did you go out to see? Was he a prophet? He certainly was! I tell you that he was more than a prophet.  In the Scriptures, God calls John his messenger and says, “I am sending my messenger ahead of you to get things ready for you.”  No one ever born on this earth is greater than John. But whoever is least important in God's kingdom is greater than John.

Luke 7:24-28

Jesus said that John the Baptist was the greatest man who ever lived! How did John qualify for such praise from Jesus? It was not because of John's education or social position in Israel. John was not a rich man and he certainly was not powerful in the government of the country. John's clothes were rough and his diet was simple and he lived in the desert, but John was used by God to deliver the message which prepared the way for Jesus.

God had a purpose for John the Baptist and John set his hand to fulfill that purpose. John did the thing that God created him to do.

Did God make your life without a purpose? Did He just create you and set you down on this earth with nothing in His mind about what your life should mean? Are you simply one of millions who try to muddle though life the best they can and "hopefully" go to Heaven when they die?

Remember John the Baptist had none of the things in his life that would have caused the world to say that he was a success. But Jesus did not agree. How does Jesus see your life today? Are you faithful in doing the things that the Holy Spirit is leading you to do? Or are you trying to judge your importance to Jesus by your college degree, social standing, salary, and of course your ability to "dress for success?"

Remember that the greatest man ever born according to Jesus had none of the world's characteristics for success. Judge yourself by the standard of Jesus not the world around you!

"Lord Jesus, You created me for a purpose. I ask You to show me how to fulfill Your desire for my life today. Give me the courage to stand up for You and do Your will, today and always. Amen."

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