Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Marvelous Messenger?

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My name is John, and I am the one who heard and saw these things. Then after I had heard and seen all this, I knelt down and began to worship at the feet of the angel who had shown it to me.

But the angel said,

Don't do that! I am a servant, just like you. I am the same as a follower or a prophet or anyone else who obeys what is written in this book. God is the one you should worship.

Revelation 22:8-9

These two verses contain an amazing reality and a stern warning!

God reveals to His children unfathomable truths that boggle the mind and really overwhelm your perspective on everything. If you begin at Genesis 1 and read carefully through the entire Bible you will continually be in awe of the Eternal, and yes Supernatural things that God has so carefully presented for those who have decided to follow Jesus!

Then comes the warning! How could it be that the Apostle John, in the midst of receiving the Revelation of Jesus Christ, would fall down and worship at the feet of the angel who was delivering it? The warning is that even when you are on the pinnacle of a "mountain top" experience with God you must guard against the temptation to worship the messenger instead of the Lord!

I frankly believe that the downfall of many great Messengers of God begins when they don't deliver that warning to a sincere believer who falls down and worships at their feet. If someone has put you on a pedestal then jump off!

I believe that God has called me to deliver His messages in these blogs, but I am as much of a struggling human believer as anyone else. I write and speak truth from God, but I am usually the one who needs to hear that truth more than anyone else!

Make sure that Jesus is the only one on the pedestal in your life and no one else! When someone impresses you with a "great" message from God remember that no messengers are to be worshiped. Fall down and worship at the feet of Jesus and stay there!

"Lord Jesus, help me today to take everyone but You off of the pedestal of my life! You Lord are the only one to be worshiped and You Lord are the only one to be praised. May all Glory and Honor be Yours forever and ever. Amen."

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