Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Ocean of Troubles!

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My people will go through
an ocean of troubles,
but I will overcome the waves
and dry up the deepest part
of the Nile.
Assyria's great pride
will be put down,
and the power of Egypt
will disappear.

I'll strengthen my people
because of who I am,
and they will follow me.
I, the [Lord], have spoken!

Zechariah 10:11-12

Do you ever feel like you are going through an "Ocean of Troubles?" One problem follows another like waves on the sea. When you are at the peak of one of the waves you can see a little of what is going on around you, but then down you go again.

You have called out to the Lord and committed your life to Jesus, but that seems to have only made the trouble worse, not better. The storms of life are still raging and the sea is and its waves are even rougher.

So here is the secret. Sometimes when you call out to Jesus, He calms the waves in the storms of your life, but every time you call on Him Jesus calms your heart! You can have "Peace, Perfect Peace in this dark world of sin. The Blood of Jesus whispers peace within." Those are words of an old Christian hymn written in 1875.

When Jesus brings peace to your heart it really makes no difference how terrible the storm that rages outside. A man can be at peace with all the world at war and a man can be in complete turmoil with all the world around him at peace. It is better to have Jesus calm your heart than for Him to calm the storm.

"Lord, calm my heart in the storms of this life and let me know Your peace, perfect peace in this dark world of sin. Amen."

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