Thursday, October 17, 2013

Dead Stick Blooms

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The Lord told Moses:

Call together the twelve tribes of Israel and tell the leader of each tribe to write his name on the walking stick he carries as a symbol of his authority. Make sure Aaron's name is written on the one from the Levi tribe, then collect all the sticks.

Place these sticks in the tent in front of the sacred chest where I appear to you.   I will then choose a man to be my priest, and his stick will sprout. After that happens, I won't have to listen to any more complaints about you.

Numbers 17:1-5

God showed His approval of Aaron as God's appointed priest by causing his dead walking stick to bloom and produce fruit. This miracle caused everyone to see that Aaron was God's chosen leader.

When God today works through you it often is the same. Something in your life that is dead comes to life and blooms and even bears fruit! Every tree that lives is empowered by God to have that life in it, but we call it a miracle when a dead tree comes back to life!

Sometimes in our lack of faith we try to hide the things in our life that are dead. We don't want anyone to know that there is anything in our lives that is weak and powerless. Instead of hiding that thing that is dead in your life, write your name on it and present it to God. When you do that you give God an opportunity to show His power to those who otherwise would judge you.

If you are not a follower of Jesus Christ then your entire life is like that dead stick that Aaron had. The power of God is able to raise you from the death of not knowing Jesus Christ. You will live, blossom and bear fruit that shows everyone around that God is indeed the Almighty! Let your testimony be a dead walking stick that comes to life!

"Lord Jesus, I present to you everything in my life that is dead. May You receive the glory of causing my walking stick to bloom! And may You be praised forever. Amen."

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