Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Rest in the Arms of Jesus!

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Don't you know?

Haven't you heard?

The Lord is the eternal God,

Creator of the earth.

He never gets weary or tired;

his wisdom cannot be measured.

The Lord gives strength

to those who are weary.

Even young people get tired,

then stumble and fall.

But those who trust the Lord

will find new strength.

They will be strong like eagles

soaring upward on wings;

they will walk and run

without getting tired.

Isaiah 40:28-31

If I work at accomplishing the things that need to be done in my life, every day I get tired. Being tired is a part of the human condition, it is not like God! God does not get tired, but we do. But God understands getting tired because Jesus walked in the flesh on this earth and He experienced what it is like to be tired.

God gives strength to those who are weary! Each day when you rest and sleep your physical strength is renewed and restored. And each day when you rest in the arms of Jesus your Spiritual strength is renewed as well!

Sometimes I get tired and weary in the middle of the day and I find a place to take a nap for a few minutes. Usually, that is just what I need to regain my strength and keep working. Sometimes I also get spiritually tired in the middle of the day and need to take a "Spiritual Nap" as I rest in His arms. I just settle back and let the beautiful thoughts of my Lord put me to sleep. And then I awake renewed and ready for whatever will come next.

"Lord Jesus help me to rest in Your arms today as I receive the strength that can only come from You. Thank You Lord Jesus. Amen."

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