Thursday, June 9, 2011

Debacle of Leadership!

Fools will no longer
be highly respected,
and crooks won’t be given
positions of honor.

Isaiah 32:5

It is truly amazing to see the foolishness of some highly respected people who are in positions of honor. How did someone who might even be called a “crook” ascend to such a place? In the United States the answer is simple. We elect leaders who share our values. So if the people are dishonest and foolish that is the kind of person who will be put into a position of leadership. This verse assures us that there will come a time when this debacle of leadership will be replaced.

When God rules a nation or a life, the foolishness and evil is purged and replaced with the wisdom of God. It is an amazing thought. Even your own thoughts will not be bombarded with wicked options!

You will think on things that are pure and holy and experience perfect peace!

Lord, let it be!

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