Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Worried About Israel?

“God will be in control forever.  Amen.”

1 Peter 5:11

If you are worried about the fate of Israel today it would be wise to stop fretting! Every wonderful thing that ever happened to the people of Israel came straight from the hand of God and every terrible thing passed through the filter of His Sovereignty! If the Nation of Israel is to be preserved God will do it. If it is to be destroyed, as it has been before, God will allow it.

My job is to be about the assignment Jesus has given me in these last days. I do have a vital role in God's work today, but I am not the Commanding General in the Army of God, that role belongs to Him!

My work can only touch those things that God puts before me each day, but my Prayer can touch Heaven and Earth!

Prayer from a prison can be, and usually is more powerful than prayer from a palace. The lowest place on earth is the perfect place to launch prayers of faith.

When you worry about Israel you have not prayed with faith in the One to whom you bring the matter. Has God shown you something you can do for Israel? Then do it by all means.

Perhaps this coming crisis in Israel will re-ignite the love of God among the people of the Promised Land. I pray that it will!

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