Wednesday, June 22, 2011

In Word and Deed!

“Rain and snow fall from the sky.
But they don’t return
without watering the earth
that produces seeds to plant
and grain to eat.

That’s how it is with my words.
They don’t return to me
without doing everything
I send them to do.”

Isaiah 55:10-11


An archer is judged by how close to the center of the target his arrows land. A runner is judged by whether or not he is the first one to finish the race. A politician is judged by whether or not the words he speaks match the action he takes. If they do not he is "just a politician."

When God speaks a Word it never misses the mark. It always finishes first and the Word of God is "as good as done!"

When Jesus spoke, all of creation stood ready to conform itself to His utterance. That is why at His Word blind men could see, the lame could walk and even the dead came back to life, not to mention storms being calmed and one small lunch feeding thousands of people.

As Jesus hung on the Cross He spoke the most powerful and life impacting Words that were ever articulated. “Father, forgive these people! They don’t know what they’re doing.”

Jesus spoke the Word of my forgiveness and then paid the price with His own Blood that I might be forgiven!

In Word and Deed Jesus is the One who can be trusted forever!

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