Thursday, June 16, 2011

Leave With Jesus!

Now Christ Jesus has come
to show us the kindness
of God.
Christ our Savior defeated death
and brought us
the good news.
It shines like a light
and offers life
that never ends.

2 Timothy 1:10

Here we stand at the garbage dump of life afraid that Jesus will tell us we can no longer frolic in the trash! We have been here so long that we no longer smell the stench or are repulsed by the filth.

Then comes a Man with the Good News that we can live free from the curse of death and decay. But the pull of the garbage dump is strong. I have lived my whole life enjoying its sordid pleasures. In fact, I have tried to leave the dump before and never been able to get over the fence that separates this place from the rest of reality. But Jesus tells me that now I can go, and go with Him.

All I must do is call out to Jesus and then obey every Word I hear from His lips. In the garbage dump everything ends. With Jesus life never ends!

It is only after you walk away from the garbage dump that you realize how bad it really was. You didn't choose to live in the dump. You were born there. But you now can choose to stay or leave with Jesus. That is the freedom God gives every human being! How do you vote? Stay or Go?

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