Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Rescue or Recovery?

“Look closely at the sky!
Stare at the earth.
The sky will vanish like smoke;
the earth will wear out
like clothes.
Everyone on this earth
will die like flies.
But my victory will last;
my saving power never ends.”

Isaiah 51:6

Whenever there is a serious tragedy we are saddened by the moment that "rescue" becomes "recovery." At that point all hope of finding anyone still alive is gone. The urgency leaves the rescuers and resignation turns to mourning.

If you think, earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, floods and tornados are bad just wait until you see the sky vanish like smoke, the earth wear out like clothes and everyone on earth dying like flies! Total destruction poured out on planet earth will consume all hope of everyone who does not know and trust God.

But wait, God says "My victory will last; My saving power never ends."

With Jesus Christ as the rescuer remember that His saving power never ends! If you find yourself lost in the wreckage of life, having no hope of being saved from this total disaster stop and listen for the voice of Jesus calling you to the safest place in all eternity. When you are in the arms of Jesus no disaster can ever harm you again.

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