Friday, June 10, 2011

Desert or Orchard?

When the Spirit is given to us
from heaven,
deserts will become orchards
thick as fertile forests.

Honesty and justice
will prosper there,

and justice will produce
lasting peace and security.

You, the Lord ’s people,
will live in peace,
calm and secure,

Isaiah 32:15-18

When the Holy Spirit enters the life of a man or woman what noticeable difference is there? How does it change your life when the Holy Spirit is residing in your heart? A young woman who was engaged to be married asked a trusted aunt, "How do I know that I am really in love?" The answer was, "If you have to ask that question then you are not."

When the Holy Spirit is in your heart you will notice the difference in substantial ways. Things that motivated you before receiving the Spirit will not pull at your heart, the direction of your life will be modified or even drastically changed, and you will see everything around you through the filter of God's love.

The greatest struggle and temptation for a Spirit filled life is to be drawn back to the old way of thinking, responding and acting. Fear and frustration are waiting every day to reassert authority over the believer. That is fundamentally forgetting who you are and the power that is available to you through the Holy Spirit of God living in your heart.

It is like a man with the finest car ever made who is afraid to drive it. That man will literally go nowhere in life.

Satan wants to deceive you so that you will not believe who you are in Christ and the power that is available to you through the Holy Spirit living in you!

When you ask yourself the question, "Who am I?" listen for God's answer not the answer of Satan! God’s answer will turn your Desert into an Orchard!

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