Monday, July 14, 2014

A Word for Every Situation!




Dishonest witnesses and liars

will be destroyed.


It isn't right for a fool

to live in luxury

or for a slave to rule

in place of a king.

Proverbs 19:9-10

The wisdom of Solomon came from the mind of God.   In the Book of Proverbs you will find truth that applies to every life situation. These two verses speak about liars, dishonest witnesses and inappropriate leaders.

In Western culture today it is a greater sin to call someone a liar, than to be a liar! Liars seem to be a protected class of people. Even elected leaders are not held accountable for overt and public lies. But those who hold firmly to the truth are persecuted for being bigots.

Solomon tells me that liars will be destroyed! Please understand that Solomon is not telling me to destroy liars! I hope that liars will repent and become men and women of the truth. But if they do not repent they will be destroyed.

Solomon also speaks of the problem of having a leader who is not qualified to lead. When that happens everyone suffers!

So have you looked at the Book of Proverbs lately to see what it might say about your situation? If you read one chapter a day it will take you a month to finish the book. But if you really want to know what wisdom Solomon might have passed on to you from God, then read the whole book in one session!

"Lord Jesus, thank You for inspiring Solomon to write the Book of Proverbs. Thank You Lord for the wisdom that I need for this day. May You Lord be praised forever. Amen."

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