Tuesday, July 29, 2014

What Makes a Nation (Man) Great?

Without guidance from God
law and order disappear,
but God blesses everyone
who obeys his Law.
Proverbs 29:18
A successful nation is not one that is either "conservative" or "liberal." A nation is not blessed simply because of it's economic prowess and fiscal responsibility. Neither is a nation truly great because of it's military might. Those things may indeed be true of a great nation, but they are not the source of its greatness!

When a nation honors God and seeks His guidance the results are stunning! When a nation stops looking to God for direction, the first and perhaps most obvious evidence of that is the breakdown of law and order. Those in power see laws as "recommendations" not "commands." Human opinion replaces law and chaos replaces order.

Also, when a man honors God and seeks His guidance the results are stunning as well! When you stop looking to God for direction in your life, chaos is sure to follow on some level. But when you love to do what God tells you to do the "order" in your life is sweet and peaceful.

Unless you are the leader of your nation, or someone with great power or authority (and you may be) your personal decision will not change the fate of your nation. But you can and must seek God's guidance for your life if you are to be truly great!

Then comes the most amazing part of all! When you seek God's guidance and want to obey His every desire you will eventually "fall in love with Jesus." Personal greatness and success with take a back seat to the joy of knowing the Savior! You will thrill at a Word when it comes from Him and find your greatest fulfillment in life when you obey His commands!

"Lord Jesus let me hear a Word from You today so that I may have the joy of doing what You want done! And Lord, turn me and my nation back to You. In Jesus Name! Amen."

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