Saturday, July 19, 2014

Worship only at the Feet of Jesus!




Remember, I am coming soon! God will bless everyone who pays attention to the message of this book.

My name is John, and I am the one who heard and saw these things. Then after I had heard and seen all this, I knelt down and began to worship at the feet of the angel who had shown it to me.

But the angel said,

Don't do that! I am a servant, just like you. I am the same as a follower or a prophet or anyone else who obeys what is written in this book. God is the one you should worship.

Revelation 22:7-9

Even the Apostle John, while receiving the message of the Book of Revelation was tempted to fall down and worship at the feet of the messenger! That temptation is still active in the world. When a "wonderful Christian evangelist" brings you a stirring and convicting message that goes deep into your spirit and changes you, it is easy to esteem the messenger too much. That improper esteem then becomes a stumbling block and temptation for the man or woman of God who delivered the message!

If you are the minister who delivers God's Word to those who will listen the warning is this: Never believe that it was your own strength or righteousness that accomplished anything good. God works through you and He deserves all the glory. Keep no acclaim for yourself.

If you are a seeker, and a man of God brings you a wonderful message of truth that reaches to the depths of your soul, don't give that man any more honor than you would a "delivery man" who brings you a great treasure. The treasures of Heaven come from God not an evangelist!

"Lord Jesus, I want to focus my heart totally on You. Keep me from the temptation to worship the one who brings the Good News. And Lord, I do hope to see You soon! Praise only You forever! Amen."

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