Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Riches or Wisdom?



It's much better to be wise

and sensible

than to be rich.

God's people avoid evil ways,

and they protect themselves

by watching where they go.

Too much pride

will destroy you.

Proverbs 16:16-18


If you were offered great riches or great wisdom which would you choose?  Remember when Solomon was given the opportunity to have his wish fulfilled, he asked for wisdom.  God gave him riches as well.  The trouble that came to Solomon's later life was not because he was too wise! 

With money comes the false belief that your riches can provide everything you need.  God is relegated to the place of "someone to turn to" when everything else fails.  With plenty of money in the bank you can take care of your needs by writing a check or a simple ATM withdrawal.  Then you can save God for the really big problems in your life.

But the man who has little money but lots of wisdom is really blessed by being able to depend on God for much more in his life.  I believe the greatest expression of wisdom is simply "TRUSTING GOD FOR EVERYTHING!"  You trust God for every bite of food you put in your mouth, for a place to lay your head every night, every word that comes out of your mouth, and even every thought that enters your mind!  When I am depending on God for every breath I take I will re-discover His Majesty many times a day!

Getting wisdom from God is very humbling.  The wise man recognizes that he has been a fool, but the foolish man thinks that he is wise. 

So how do I keep from depending on my money instead of my God?  The answer is to always ask God how to spend every penny.  Give all your money to God and then when you buy a loaf of bread you can praise God for giving you the money to purchase it.  Then like the poor woman whose oil never ran out, you can see the Hand of God caring for your every need!

"Lord Jesus, I give it all to You and I trust You, Lord to provide for everything I need.  And Lord I need wisdom more than anything else.  May You be praised forever! Amen."

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