Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Walk the Talk!


When we told you the good news, it was with the power and assurance that come from the Holy Spirit, and not simply with words. You knew what kind of people we were and how we helped you.    So, when you accepted the message, you followed our example and the example of the Lord. You suffered, but the Holy Spirit made you glad.

I Thessalonians 1:5-6

I think I was still in my teens when I first heard the comment, "Your actions speak so loudly, that I cannot hear your words!" The believable man is the one whose deeds confirm the words that he says!

When Paul preached the Gospel of Jesus Christ, he did it with the "power and assurance that comes from the Holy Spirit," not simply with words! Let the illustrations for your sermons come from your own life, not just "made up" stories to make the point!

But isn't it "bragging" if I tell of how I am successfully walking with Jesus? Well, you don't have to tell about it. Your life will speak much louder than your words anyway! It's also called "practicing what you preach!" It's like the man who says he will sell you a "Get Rich Quick Scheme," but he gets rich by selling you the idea, not by doing it himself.

Here is the bottom line: When you live a fulfilled and victorious life with Jesus and enjoy the blessings that come from knowing Him, your life will powerfully support the Gospel message you speak.

Don't misunderstand. The Gospel is not made more powerful by your life. Jesus will save anyone who turns to Him in faith. But when you are faithfully walking with Jesus every breath you take and every word you utter point other men and women to the Lord! You are like a man with an unlimited supply of pure water who meets thirsty men and women during the day. Of course, he would give water to everyone he meets.

"Lord Jesus, thank You for quenching my thirst with Your pure and holy water! Give me today another opportunity to share Your water with thirsty men and women! And may You be praised forever. Amen."

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