Thursday, July 31, 2014

The Nations are in Big Trouble!



The Lord destroys the plans

and spoils the schemes

of the nations.

But what the Lord has planned

will stand forever.


His thoughts never change.

The Lord blesses each nation

that worships only him.

He blesses his chosen ones.


The Lord looks at the world

from his throne in heaven,

and he watches us all.

Psalm 33:10-14 (CEV)

If God is God Almighty, and if He is the only true God then much of the world is in big trouble.

Nations may make big plans and evil schemes, but God can decide to destroy and spoil them. The flow of history has gone and will go as God has seen fit to allow it! Do not fear that Satan will win in the End. He will not!

My job as a follower of Jesus is not to "figure out" how to defeat Satan. My job is to listen to the Holy Spirit and walk in every Word I hear coming from the Throne of God! In doing that I may see the Enemy defeated or I may see what looks like Evil triumphing over good. I must be a good soldier, not the general!

I can rest in peace knowing that God is watching us all. If someone plans evil against you, God knows all about it. He can warn you of it, so you can avoid the trouble or He can intervene and stop their evil plan altogether, or He can allow you to walk through the persecution. Remember that the "worst thing" Satan can do to you is to send you on to Heaven!

Don't forget Psalm 33:12 which reminds us that "the Lord blesses each nation that worships only Him." If your nation encourages its people to worship many gods then you cannot be assured of the blessings of the God who created everything that there is! There is a direct correlation between many gods and fewer blessings!

"Lord Jesus, I choose today to make You the Lord of every moment of my life! May Your will be reflected in everything I think, say, or do! And may You be praised forever. Amen."

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