Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The Fingerprints of God!



I am sure what we are suffering now cannot compare with the glory that will be shown to us.   In fact, all creation is eagerly waiting for God to show who his children are.   Meanwhile, creation is confused, but not because it wants to be confused. God made it this way in the hope  that creation would be set free from decay and would share in the glorious freedom of his children.   We know that all creation is still groaning and is in pain, like a woman about to give birth.

Romans 8:18-22

When God created the first Clymene moth, at least several thousand years ago did He think about the Cross? As you can clearly see the black marking on the wings looks like the silhouette of Jesus hanging on the Cross. I took this picture yesterday morning as the moth sat quietly on a tomato plant.

What else in God's creation clearly points you to Jesus Christ and the salvation that He provides? The Death, Burial and Resurrection of a single seed proclaims the work of Jesus on the Cross. The "Sunrise" every morning reminds me of when Jesus came out of the grave. Physical birth is a type of being Born Again! The list is longer than anyone can compile, but it would certainly include the Clymene Moth!

Look around today at the world God created and see the Fingerprints of God on everything He made! Look for God in places where you have never seen Him before! It will make for an exciting day!

"Lord Jesus, help me today to see Your Fingerprints on everything around me. And Lord when You touch me today please leave Your Fingerprints on my heart! And may You be praised forever. Amen."

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