Monday, July 28, 2014

Point of Peace!



We make our own decisions,

but the Lord alone

determines what happens.

Proverbs 16:33


This is not the only verse that confronts us with the uncomfortable Bible teachings of "Free Will" and the "Sovereignty of God." You could easily fill a library with the musings of Bible commentators on the subject. And what I say here will only be a small tea cup of thought in a flood.

My free will is fenced in by the Sovereignty of God. In fact, God Himself decided that I would have free will. Like any "freedom" there are limits to my freedom of will. God made my body so that if I choose to stop breathing I will pass out and then start breathing again. I have never heard of someone committing suicide by holding their breath.

All "freedom" is limited by the universe in which it is granted.

The two extremes are: Believing that nothing you can do makes any difference or thinking that you control everything in your life!

The TRUTH is that your decisions and actions make tremendous waves that impact your own life and the lives of others, sometimes for generations to come! But also, the decisions and actions of God are hurricanes of Sovereignty that sweep across the oceans of the earth.

The POINT OF PEACE for me is to boldly move ahead in choosing what I believe to be the will of God knowing that His great love will rescue me from even my own foolishness if I am His child!

"Thank You Jesus for allowing me to choose to love You, and thank You for being there to rescue me when I need it! And may You be praised forever! Amen."

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