Friday, July 11, 2014

Impossible Flower!



In every church I tell the people to stay as they were when the Lord Jesus chose them and God called them to be his own. Now I say the same thing to you.  If you are already circumcised, don't try to change it. If you are not circumcised, don't get circumcised. Being circumcised or uncircumcised isn't really what matters. The important thing is to obey God's commands. So don't try to change what you were when God chose you.  Are you a slave? Don't let that bother you. But if you can win your freedom, you should.  When the Lord chooses slaves, they become his free people. And when he chooses free people, they become slaves of Christ.  God paid a great price for you. So don't become slaves of anyone else.  Stay what you were when God chose you.

I Corinthians 7:17-24

"I can't grow here!" That excuse is often used for trying to find another group of believers with which to associate. When you discover, through your own growth in Jesus that those in your fellowship are not as far along as you are, it is often time for you to become a leader rather than a deserter!  It may indeed be that the Lord Himself saw the problem in your Church and is raising you up for the challenge.

A couple of years as a missionary in a predominately Muslim country taught me that depending on the fellowship of other believers for your own strength is risky at best. Be grateful for others who encourage you in the Lord, but recognize that your walk with Jesus must continue hand in hand with Him even when no one else is with you!

If you are reading this on my blog site you will see a picture of a flower that was “planted” between an asphalt parking lot and a concrete curb. In spite of overwhelming odds that flower grew and finally bloomed!

That is how it is with followers of Jesus. It doesn't matter how difficult your situation, you can bloom with the beauty of Jesus shining forth just as if you were planted in the finest garden!

"Lord Jesus, help me not to complain today about the circumstances where I find myself. I want to bloom like that flower planted between the asphalt and the concrete. All it takes, Lord is for my roots to grow down deep in You, and Your life will be seen in me! May You be praised forever! Amen."

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