Saturday, July 26, 2014

Disappearing Love!



People of Israel and Judah,

what can I do with you?

Your love for me disappears

more quickly than mist

or dew at sunrise.


That's why I slaughtered you

with the words

of my prophets.

That's why my judgments blazed

like the dawning sun.


I'd rather for you to be faithful

and to know me

than to offer sacrifices.

Hosea 6:4-6


When was the last time you "re-dedicated" your heart to Jesus? Conviction of your sin and the desire to know the Lord even better combined to push you up the mountain into the presence of God. You were entering into an "extreme" relationship with Jesus and your love for Him was coming into full bloom!

Then something happened. It may not have been something very important, but it caught your attention and pulled you away from Jesus for just a moment. When you turned back to Jesus the "thrilling" relationship was a little more ordinary. That was the first step in your "Disappearing Love" experience.

Satan is not trying to turn you into a Christian killing fanatic. I'm sure he would like to do that, but his goal for now is to simply damage the love that you have for Jesus. Intimacy with Jesus will produce much righteous fruit in your life! Without that moment by moment communion with Jesus your love will diminish and fade.

The most important moment of your walk with Jesus is right now! Pour out your heart to Jesus and listen for His response. Cling tightly to Jesus in your heart and hold His hand with every step you take. Don't dwell on the wonderful walk you had yesterday or the great time you expect to have tomorrow. Right now, listen for His sweet, soft voice and hear His words of love.

"Lord Jesus, may my love for You grow every minute until I stand before You and see You face to face. Come quickly, Lord Jesus! Amen."

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