Sunday, August 7, 2011

Before All Else Fails!

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“I, the Lord , am the one
who sends storm clouds
and showers of rain
to make fields produce.
So when the crops need rain,
you should pray to me.”

Zechariah 10:1

We like the word "Extreme."  It is used to describe everything from political views to deodorant. Extreme is "on the edge," "over the top," "above and beyond," and certainly "radical."

The Southeast United States is currently in a state of extreme drought. The lack of rain is so bad that Texans were hoping for a hurricane! It came without the massive amounts of rain needed to end the drought.

Now the Governor of the State of Texas is publically praying for relief from God. What an Extreme thing! The problem with drought is this: We can't print more rain and drop it on our fields. We can't borrow some rain from China. We can't pass a two thousand page law that orders the rain to fall, and we can't have an election and vote some more rain on our fields. When it comes to rain there is really only one option. Pray!

The question is: How hungry and thirsty do you have to get before you will humble yourself and pray? If God Almighty is for you a "God of Last Resort" He will lovingly see that all else fails so you will turn to Him!

Here is a great idea. Turn back to God before all else fails! Remember, that delayed repentance is always painful and can be fatal!

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