Saturday, August 6, 2011

Downgrade and Recovery!

Listen to this blog.

“People of Judah, your time is coming too. I, the Lord , would like to make my nation prosper again and to heal its wounds. But then I see the crimes in Israel and Samaria. Everyone is deceitful; robbers roam the streets. No one realizes that I have seen their sins surround them like a flood. The king and his officials take great pleasure in their sin and deceit.”

Hosea 6:11-7:3

I first saw the report late on Friday night. Standard and Poor's had downgraded the United States from a triple A rating to a double A. The financial re-rating came like a tsunami. It was quiet and didn't appear to be threatening even to those standing on the beach. As I write these words the floods have not yet come ashore, but when the wave is fast approaching land there is nothing that can stop it.

Like the Lord told Judah, "your time is coming" applies to America as well. God sees our sins and they surround us like a flood. In our culture today it can be accurately stated that "everyone is deceitful and robbers roam the streets."

And who would not agree that in the United States, "The King and his officials take great pleasure in their sin and deceit."

Can the United States prosper again and be healed? Yes it can! Righteousness is the only stimulus that can return it to prosperity. Repentance and a return to righteousness by the President, our elected officials, leaders, all the way down to the least among us is the only hope of restoring America to its former glory in the world of nations.

Any other approach to the problem will simply seal the deal of America's demise.

So if America is to prosper again repentance and a return to righteousness must include me and it must include you if you are a citizen of the United States. Do your part to save America today! Repent of your sin and turn your heart to God and His righteousness. Your decision may just be the weight that will tip the scales in our nation's return to God!

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