Thursday, August 18, 2011

Invitation to Heaven!

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God wants everyone to be saved and to know the whole truth, which is,
There is only one God,
and Christ Jesus
is the only one
who can bring us
to God.
Jesus was truly human,
and he gave himself
to rescue all of us.

1Timothy 2:4-5

How does an ordinary person get invited to the Oval Office in the White House for a visit with the President of the United States? Often it happens when that regular citizen performs some extraordinary act of bravery or heroism and saves the lives of other people. Sometimes the person whose life was saved is invited to meet the President as well. Pictures are taken, an award may be presented and everyone goes on their way.

How does an ordinary person get invited to come into the presence of God? There is only one way any man can come to God. Jesus Christ hung on a Cross and died so that He could bring everyone who believes in Him to God! We are invited into the throne room of God not because of any good thing we have ever done. In fact, there is nothing we could ever do that would make us worthy to come before the Face of God. The two sides of the coin are this: Jesus is the Savior and we are the Saved!

You can run and jump and flap your arms all day, every day and you will never be able to fly. But when you take a seat on a jet plane, you can sit back and relax and soar through the heavens. You can work and pray and try to do every good thing it is possible for a man to do and you will not for those things be invited into the presence of God Almighty. But when you turn your heart to Jesus and make Him the Lord of your life you will soar to Heaven with Jesus!

Because of the sacrifice of Jesus everyone is invited to Heaven. Jesus is waiting for you to R.S.V.P

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