Monday, August 22, 2011

Plan “B”

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I am certain, Lord ,
that you will help
your chosen king.
You will answer my prayers
from your holy place
in heaven,
and you will save me
with your mighty arm.

Some people trust the power
of chariots or horses,
but we trust you, Lord God.

Others will stumble and fall,
but we will be strong
and stand firm.

Psalm 20:6-8

Trusting God is not simply a phrase on a coin. Trusting God is an attitude which is revealed and supported by appropriate actions. Trusting God has no plan B. When you trust God you make no preparations for God to fail you. If you have a contingency plan for trusting God then you proclaim to the world that you do not really trust the Creator of the Universe!

If you do not trust in God, then in who do you trust? The list of alternatives to trusting God is quite long. Some trust in money, fame, education, power, position, good health, and government. Some trust their own ability to think rationally and understand the world around them. Some trust in a man or woman they consider to be a great leader.

Perhaps the most difficult part of trusting God is getting rid of Plan B. Plan B is the "here is what I will do if God fails to act" provision. Being prepared for God to fail is not part of being a man or woman of faith.

Examine your life and ask yourself how many "Plan B's" you have right now in place. Those are where your faith is weak or perhaps not there at all.

"Lord give me the wisdom and the faith to have You as my only plan for the future. If You Lord fail to save me then I will not be saved! Amen!"

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