Friday, August 5, 2011

Welcome His Love!

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“He came into his own world,
but his own nation
did not welcome him.

Yet some people accepted him
and put their faith in him.
So he gave them the right
to be the children of God.

They were not God’s children
by nature or because
of any human desires.
God himself was the one
who made them his children.”

John 1:11-13

Perhaps the greatest pain in all the world is when the one you love does not welcome that love. When the object of your love objects to being pursued by it, the sharpest dagger plunged into your heart would not be as painful. History is filled with stories of men and women who never recovered from the rejection of love.

Jesus was the ultimate rejected lover! God so loved the world that He gave Jesus to save the world from sin. But the world ignored Him, made fun of Him, persecuted Him and then killed Him. But Jesus even asked God to forgive those who killed Him.

When a man is rejected by the one he loves, his love can soon turn to hate. Often the bitterest enemies are those who were lovers before one rejected the other. But Jesus never opened His heart up to the hate that Satan wanted Him to drink. The Hell that so many will experience will not be because Jesus hates them. Going to Hell is a choice you make by rejecting the only one who can keep you out of its eternal flames.

But when you put your faith in Jesus, He gives you the right to become a child of God. When you trust in Jesus you are welcomed into the family of God Himself. You are adopted! God puts His Spirit in your heart and everyday you become more and more like Jesus.

It is what happens to everyone who welcomes the love of Jesus!

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