Thursday, August 11, 2011

You Can Listen and Never Understand!

Listen to this blog.

So God’s promise came true, just as the prophet Isaiah had said,
“These people will listen
and listen,
but never understand.
They will look and look,
but never see.

All of them have
stubborn minds!
Their ears are stopped up,
and their eyes are covered.
They cannot see or hear
or understand.
If they could,
they would turn to me,
and I would heal them.”

But God has blessed you, because your eyes can see and your ears can hear!

Matthew 13:14-16

I love Chinese food and I love to watch the Chinese chef preparing my dinner. It is quite a show and the food is the culmination of thousands of years of trial and error in the kitchen. But listening to the Chinese language is a complete mystery. I literally understand nothing when I hear it spoken. When it comes to Chinese I am like the people Jesus spoke about. I can listen and listen and never understand.

When you turn your heart to Jesus and become His follower an amazing miracle happens in your life. The Holy Spirit becomes your interpreter for everything you hear and everything you see. The miracle is like going into a Chinese restaurant and suddenly you can understand everything that it spoken in the kitchen! Things that made no sense before become crystal clear.

Followers of Jesus can understand the language of Heaven which sounds like complete gibberish to everyone else. So if you are a Christian don't become frustrated because people who don't understand the language of Heaven think you are a fool. It is perfectly logical to judge you to be out of your mind if all they hear you do is babble. But if you are not a follower of Jesus be cautious in how quickly you judge Christians. They are hearing and seeing things that would boggle your mind if you only knew. And by the way, you can hear and see them as well. You will understand great and unsearchable things you do now know.

When you open your heart to Jesus the vast expanse of heavenly reality will burst on your sight and ring in your ears!

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