Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Wedding Dress!

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“So we will be glad and happy
and give him praise.
The wedding day of the Lamb
is here,
and his bride is ready.

She will be given
a wedding dress
made of pure
and shining linen.
This linen stands for
the good things
God’s people have done.”

Revelation 19:7-8

Why would the enemies of God make such an effort to destroy the significance and beauty of marriage? Believe it or not it was just a few years ago in the United States that marriage was not just a "big deal" in the life of every young person who got married, it was THE BIG DEAL! Marriage was a mystery, a new frontier, a lifetime adventure, a bit of heaven on earth, and a place of personally permanent peace and prosperity. That special relationship was worth more than anything else in this world. For those of us who remember when marriage was like that the current state of "affairs" is truly tragic.

Of course the reason Satan wants to destroy marriage is because it is the earthly picture of the Marriage of the Lamb in Heaven.

Here is a delightful thought that just skips right by a casual reading of the Bible. The wedding dress of the Bride in Heaven will be a symbol of the good things God's people have done. So if you are a child of God and you do something good for someone else, you are also having a part in the preparation of the Wedding Dress for the Bride of Christ! Let that one roll around in your head for a while!

At a Royal Wedding everyone is interested in the Dress and who made it. So when you have opportunity today as a follower of Jesus put a few stitches in the Wedding Dress for Heaven!

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