Monday, August 8, 2011

God’s To Do List

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“Whatever the Lord God
plans to do,
he tells his servants,
the prophets.

Everyone is terrified
when a lion roars—
and ordinary people
become prophets
when the Lord God speaks.”

Amos 3:7-8

When a young lady wants to politely refuse to spend time with a young man she often says, "I already have plans." That sounds nice enough, but the end of that sentence would be, "Those plans do not include you, and I certainly will not change my plans in order to be with you!"

The first time he hears it, it is a little discouraging, but after several "I already have plans" responses a young man usually gives up and looks elsewhere.

When you call on the Lord and ask to spend time with Him, He always responds with "I already have plans, and they certainly include you!" God has things in mind for you to do today.

According to these two verses in Amos God tells ordinary people what He is planning to do in the world. Ordinary people become prophets when God speaks. God confides in those who accept Jesus no matter who they are.

Ask God what He plans to do in the world today, but also ask Him what He plans to do with you today and then listen for His answer. Never forget that God has you on His TO DO LIST for today!

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