Saturday, August 27, 2011

Prepare for the Storm!

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“You disgraceful nation, gather around, before it’s too late. The Lord has set a time when his fierce anger will strike like a storm and sweep you away. If you humbly obey the Lord , then come and worship him. If you do right and are humble, perhaps you will be safe on that day when the Lord turns loose his anger.”

Zephaniah 2:1-3

There comes a time when it is too late to prepare for the storm. When a hurricane is born in the Atlantic Ocean it doesn't even have a name. The storm is "way out there" in the ocean and may or may not affect anyone on shore, so most people pay no attention at all. Some prepare just in case this storm is the "big one" that everyone believes will come some day.

As the storm grows it is given a name and warnings begin to go out to the areas of possible impact. Finally, the hurricane is imminent and will strike land with full force in only hours! Those who have prepared begin to work their plans and those who have not run away, panic or simply pretend that they are not afraid.

When a full blown category three hurricane hits the shore it is accurate to say that "all Hell breaks loose."

There is a storm that has been gathering for a long time and is without a doubt about to come ashore in this world. That storm is building because men have refused to obey God. That storm is the "fierce anger" anger of God and will sweep you away if you are not a follower of Jesus.

You may say, "You are just trying to scare me!" Actually, that is right. If you continue to reject God in your life you should be afraid, very afraid. The storm that is coming will not be pretty and there is only one shelter where you can make it through the storm. You will only be safe in the arms of Jesus.

Don't wait because soon it will be too late!

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